What I'm doing now

23 February 2024

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A few months ago I moved to the Bay Area to start a new job as a software engineer at Supernal working on energy storage systems for electric aircraft. It’s awesome!

I’m porting my desktop setup from AwesomeWM to ags. Saying goodbye to AwesomeWM feels bittersweet since I spent over 350 hours developing it (I counted), but I enjoyed it, so… no regrets!

I got a Framework laptop and I’m running NixOS on it. I was using Arch for a few years and it was nice, but it feels messy - lots of random fixes taken from 2009 forum posts :/ The idea of OS as code and having a completely reproducible system is really cool to me. The downside of it is that Nix has an incredibly steep learning curve, which I’m slowly (very, very slowly) starting to get over.

Lastly, I’m also slowly working on extending my stepper motor project with some cool new features.